Receives Major Boost in Funding to Help Future Cellular possibilities

   The Inlet Area Project to ground swell fund an emergency communications tower for Big Moose, Eagle Bay, Inlet and Raquette Lake now has a partnership in funding moving forward as they have an “MOU” memorandum of understanding for funding from the Northern Border Regional Commission.
   On July 26th , Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY-21) announced a series of Northern Border Regional Commission (NBRC) grants for infrastructure projects around New York’s 21st Congressional District.
“I am pleased to announce significant grants from the Northern Border Regional Commission that will go a long way toward improving our North Country infrastructure.” said Congresswoman Stefanik. “Infrastructure is critical to creating jobs and increasing economic opportunity, and I applaud the NBRC for their announcement. In Congress, I will continue working to improve our local infrastructure and advocating for funding for the NBRC.”
    The Town of Inlet has requested funds to construct a communications tower to aid coverage in Inlet, as well as nearby Towns of Raquette Lake, Eagle Bay, and Big Moose, that do not have cell service. This would improve service quality for all local businesses, residents, and tourists.
  The amount of the award could be, $352,000 of the total project estimate of $448,400
 Without the ability to be connected, local businesses and workforce cannot compete effectively, and entrepreneurs are reluctant to invest in Inlet because of the inability to connect with their target audience, create a social media presence or build a following, and for the inability to offer these services to guests and patrons.

We the committee thank all our contributors past, present and future for recognizing our progress. We have worked very hard on applying for grants for this project along with our public and private fundraising. This includes the Northern Border Regional Commission grant that has been recently announced to the public. We do not have the final award details for this grant, which was geared towards the public cellular/internet phase of the tower project. But we see this as a great partnership moving forward.

We will continue to work on funding the Adirondack Emergency Communications Tower Project. The project goal is to assure reliable communications for our first responders. If there is to be any over funding, the committee will be supporting the Fire and EMS departments of Raquette Lake, Big Moose, Eagle Bay and Inlet.

Tower in the Inlet Area Gains Significant Ground Financially

The Adirondack Emergency Tower Committee has started a grassroots fund to build an emergency communications tower to help first responders in the Big Moose, Eagle Bay, Inlet and Raquette Lake area.  In less than a year, they are about to reach the halfway mark of their project goal. With donations through the CAP-21 Tower Account and, the committee has raised just over $160,000 for a project that is expected to cost $350,000.

In the words of co-chair Joel Millikan, “Our project is gaining momentum. We have received endorsements from various lake associations.  We are planning to mail brochures to property owners in all four communities.  We are getting close, but we need additional donations to reach our goal, so the committee will keep talking the project up every chance they get.”

The tower, which they hope to erect on Heroux Hill, will give first responders in the surrounding communities greatly improved service while communicating with 911 and each other during fires, accidents and medical emergencies.

Co-chair Dennis Hudson also noted, “We try to have one or more meaningful tower conversation each day, encouraging people to watch the video, giving them several brochures and asking them to talk it up with friends, family and neighbors.  Our hope is that we can reach our $350,000 goal this year so that the committee can switch to devoting our efforts on getting APA approval and having the tower built by the fall of 2019.”

The committee knows that the second half of a campaign like this is the most difficult, but after only two months of handshake efforts to find contributions, they are excited that the residents, summer homeowners and visitors are all embracing this project.

A giant tower/thermometer, painted by Jen Lamphear and Bill Faro, is now tracking the second half of the funding campaign and can be seen at Arrowhead Park. Information about the tower’s needs and coverage areas can be found at  We would like to thank our halfway point contributors: Town of Inlet, Inlet Volunteer Emergency Services Inc., Joel & Bonnie Millikan, Cardinal Cap. Management, Waddie & Judith Kalil, William & Elena Keller, James & Jacqueline Savage, Rich Kissinger, Garry Savage, Donald Namm, Shirley Lindsay, Janet A. Mikovich, Katherine C. Bartlet, Paul M. Mirale, Allen & Elizabeth Millikan, Church of the Lakes, Timothy P. Brownsell, Richard & Mary Jane Lasher, Natalie K. Streb, Daniel & Wendy Ullman, Betsy Bicknell & Roland Cyr, Carman Matroianni, BJ Queen Enterprises, John F. & Stephanie Mitchell, George & Francis Longstaff, Christine M. Hall-Finney, Perry & Lois Eli, Jere & Sharon Snell, Gregg & Toni Rudd, Neodack Shores, LLC, Limekiln Lake Association, Martha & David Dill, Paul & Regina Chambers of Adirondack Reader and French Louie ADK Sport, Richard & Martha Mateer, James & Mary Murphy, Kerry & Anne Katlic, William & Sally Nolan, Robert & Carol Keller, Lawrence Roll, Robin Hill, Danial Chall, Dennis Hudson & Adele Burnett, Joan Parks, Lisa Adams, Kathleen Klaiber, Patricia Marini, Kenneth Korby, Douglas Brown, Charles & Marsha Herr, Kathleen Winter, Joan Cirillo, James Huss, Russell Lewis, Martha Shanahan, Ellen Best, Andrea Godin, Becky McGill, Richard Hardesty, Russell Ruhl, Daniel Jackson, Mitch & Bonnie Amidon, Douglas Kerr, Linda Blevins, Mike Sands, Bob Millikan, John & Sarah Frey, Peter Funk, Christine Holt, Ken Biehn, John Gallino, Steve Vekasy, John Hanlon, Diana Huss, Karen Schunck, Christopher Heffernan, Timothy Purce, William Faro, Burkhard-Evans Inc., Anna-Lisa Hafgren, Courtney Holt Schreppel, Dorathy Kolhbach, David Kuhaneck, Peter & Fay Sokolosky, Anne Fletcher, Stanzi Bliss. Charles & Nancy Frey, Burke’s Marina, Karin & William Green, Robert Smythe, Ellen Gates.

Emergency Tower Campaign Forum And Picnic

Area Emergency Services Tower Funding Campaign Hosts Out Reach Forum and Picnic

On Saturday June 16th at the Inlet Emergency Services Building From Noon to 3PM the Inlet Emergency Services Communication Tower Fund Committee will host a Public Forum and Picnic for anyone interested in information about the tower project. Members of the Committee will be there to answer any questions about the need, impact coverage and costs associated with the proposed tower. The short Video created to help crowd source the campaign will also be shown.  The need for a tower has been known for many years by the first responders from Eagle Bay, Inlet, Big Moose and Raquette Lake. The solution is a centrally located mountain top emergency communications tower serving Inlet, Raquette Lake, Big Moose and Eagle Bay that can reach out broadly to the areas served. This will provide quicker response times for those in need and enhanced safety for our volunteers.

The formal funding Campaign went into full swing on Tues June 5th in hopes to reach a fund goal of $350,000.00. Working in conjunction with the Town of Inlet, CAP-21 and Adirondack Gives. The committee is already off to a fine start as over $75,000.00 has already been pledged to move the project forward. For more information, or to make a charitable donation go to

Download Press Release here.

Tower Plans Announcement

Inlet Emergency Communications Tower Committee Plans Major
Crowd Source Funding to Better their Community


In the fall of 2017 a committee of Inlet area Property Owners, First Responders and Business Owners, came together to try and solve one of the areas larger problems. That problem being the lack of good emergency radio connectivity for the first responders in Raquette Lake, Inlet , Eagle Bay and Big Moose areas. The focus of the group was to find a Tower site and build an emergency communications tower to serve those communities.

Over the last eight months the committee in conjunction with the Town of Inlet, CAP-21 and Adirondack Gives has not only started the drive for funding this project with a goal of $350,000.00 but have secured a site and started an engineering plan and APA Application to build the tower by the Fall of 2019.

The goal was a lofty goal but the committee was determined to help provide their residents and visitors with the best possible emergency response times possible. The tower would also help those first responders when on the scene to keep each other safe and stay in contact with any needs they may have when calling on more responders and equipment to a scene.

During the winter the committee put together a very professional crowd sourcing video using the voices of first responders from Raquette Lake Inlet, Eagle Bay and Big Moose. The video and handshake campaign will begin this week and donation of funds for the Tower and more information can be found:

We ask that everyone please go to: and talk with your friends and neighbors and visitors about the importance of how we can make the Central Adirondacks a Safer place to Work Live and Play.


Download Press Release here