Construction update 10/25/22

Significant progress has been made on the tower project since our last post. The road has been blasted, material laid, utility pathways established and the concrete pad for Tower #2 is being poured this week.
We continue to work on the goal of having the site ready for utilities by the end of the year.

Thanks to John Frey for forging up the mountain and taking these pictures.

After an extensive period of planning, fund raising, engineering and permitting, the Adirondack Emergency Communication Towers are under construction! The twin towers are located on a mountain top above Limekiln Road in Inlet to serve the emergency communications needs of the communities of Inlet, Raquette Lake, Big Moose, Eagle Bay and surrounding areas. 

Communication abilities for area fire and ambulance responders will be greatly enhanced providing quicker response times for those in need and enhanced safety for volunteer fire and EMS personnel.

Two moderate height towers are being built to meet the visual requirements of the Adirondack Park Agency and to provide space for a multitude of other public service users including police, highway departments, snowmobile trail maintenance crews and snow plow crews. In addition T-Mobile and AT&T will be locating cell phone equipment on the towers which will improve emergency call reception made from remote areas as well as providing much needed cell phone service overall.

Construction progress to date includes building an access road up the mountain to the tower site, clearing the site for the tower base and trenching for utilities. 

Stay tuned, we look forward to reporting future progress!

Adirondacks Emergency Communications Committee c/o Inlet Town Hall.