May 6, 2019


Inlet’s Adirondack Emergency Communications Tower Committee Update


The Adirondack Emergency Communications Tower Committee, which is working on building a tower in Inlet to provide increased coverage for the communities of Inlet, Eagle Bay, Big Moose and Raquette Lake, is making progress with both funding and permit applications.  To date, the committee is about $80,000 short of its $350,000 to fund the project. The committee would like to thank the generosity of the greater west central Adirondack donors who have helped us get within sight of our goal.


CAP-21’s efforts, along with the online Adirondack Gives platform, have been a tremendous help in our fund drive and continue to be of great service as we move forward.  We hope that residents and visitors alike will go to and make the final contributions to fund this important project.


On March 8th a set of balloon tests were conducted to calculate the visual impact of the proposed emergency tower.  With good weather conditions for visibility and help from the Inlet Parks Department, Inlet Highway Department and Inlet Police Department, the Town of Inlet was able to schedule and conduct testing with APA staff and Chazen Engineering at several locations including the preferred Heroux Hill, Funk Property.


Town of Inlet Supervisor John Frey and Hamilton County Supervisor Bill Farber have met with the APA recently to pitch the need for an emergency services tower in Inlet as well as the need for adequate tower height.


“I understand that the APA is doing its job,” said Town of Inlet Supervisor John Frey, addressing the height restrictions applied to such towers, by the Adirondack Park Agency.  “But if you can’t see it, it won’t work.”


Several cellular companies have also shown interest in various locations in the Town of Inlet, with letters of intent from T-Mobile and AT&T for the Heroux Hill, Funk Property.


The Inlet Town Board and County Board of Supervisors will continue their appeal for a bit more additional height so that one good emergency services tower will be built and work for the coverage needed to provide good service to the communities of Inlet, Eagle Bay, Big Moose and Raquette Lake.


Our next step as a committee is to get our report back from the APA and Chazen Engineering so that we can move forward with a scope and sequence of building the emergency services tower.  The committee will continue to move the project forward and wishes to thank the community for all their efforts to help us protect first responders, visitors and our families through their on going support of this very important project.


Thank You,

Adirondack Emergency Communications Tower Committee