The Adirondack Emergency Communications Tower Committee would like to again thank all of our financial contributors and give you an update on the progress of the planning, build out and service of a emergency services communication tower for the first responders of Inlet, Eagle Bay, Big Moose, and Raquette Lake.

First, we want to let you know that the funds that have been donated are waiting for the build out phase and are currently in CAP-21’s designated bank account, safe and sound.

In March of 2019 the Town of Inlet, working with Adirondack Park Agency (APA) staff and Chazen Engineering, conducted a set of balloon tests at several locations including the preferred Funk property on Heroux Hill to calculate the visual impact of the proposed emergency communications tower. Since then the Town of Inlet has also started a conversation with David Corasanti & Tarpon Towers about possible tower locations on Fern Mountain. They will continue to work with both locations, hoping to have two towers that provide will provide links for both Hamilton County and Herkimer County 911. This will help improve communications and also provide a greater chance of multiple cell provider co-locations and partners.

Since the balloon tests 15 months ago, the Town of Inlet and the Tower Committee have continued working with Chazen, C&S Engineering & Tarpon Towers to get all pre-application and height requirement data collections ready for APA approval. There is a huge amount of pre-application work that needs to be completed before anyone can move forward with a scope and sequence of building an emergency communication tower.

The Town of Inlet, with full support of the Adirondack Emergency Communication Tower Committee, will continue to move the project forward and wishes to thank the community for all their efforts to help us protect first responders, visitors and our families through their on going support of this very important project. We could not have gotten this far without every one of you.
Thank You all very much,
Adirondack Emergency Communications Services Committee